What is Sykes Academy and how does it work?   

Sykes Academy is a non-profit program that offers accessible training courses for you to become eligible for a job at Sykes.

If you are a strong candidate, but you need further development in English or Technical Skills, then Sykes Academy is here to help you!
Why is Sykes in Costa Rica?

Our company has invested in beautiful Costa Rica because of the level of customer service support that this country can provide to the North American market. Costa Ricans are great people who are always willing to and capable of learning the skills that are required to be successful at a Sykes Call Center. Sykes is the pioneer in the Costa Rican Contact Center Industry with an impressive 13 years trajectory in Costa Rica. The Costa Rican workforce is highly educated, versatile and productive plus Costa Rica has one of the highest Human Development Indexes among developing nations and one of the highest literacy rates of the Americas.
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